Shameless Plug

Maps and Monsters in Medieval England is now out in paperback due to, as my editor put it “consistently strong sales.” So: In the interest of selling a few, they can be found here.

Since the hardback is now $110 (egad), the 40 bucks is a (comparatively) good deal. Buy a few and convince the publisher that monsters are a hot topic, so they will publish more in our ever-growing field!

The Wonders of Seersucker

From Brian Hoggard, a photo from our inaugural meeting. He writes:

I know there’s already an excellent napkin pic on the blog site but thought I should contribute this in the interests of the heritage of the group. I have another photo taken without flash if you wish to have that too.
I’m looking forward to moments of intense monstrosity with this group.

KZoo proposals are in

Thanks to Phillip, our proposals for Kalamazoo 2009 are in. Most interestingly, as Phillip writes, “the Kalamazoo folks wrote to me on Friday confirming receipt of the MEARCSTAPA proposals, but asked for a constitution or mission statement about who we are and what we do, so I copied the mission statement directly off the blog page and sent it to them.” So, thanks again, Derek, for drafting our mission statement, as it has already proved useful. Now, we wait to see what the Kalamazoo Kommittee makes of it all…….

Our first act

Thanks to Phillip, the session proposals are in, with three send and one of those co-sponsored by the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence (Production and Reproduction, chosen because it seemed to have the most potential for manuscript evidence).

With these proposals sent in, we have made or first act as an organization! Not bad, since we were founded less than a week ago! Thanks all and sundry for the help.

An Organization is Born (on a napkin…)

As requested, here are our Founding Documents, to be treasured along with the Magna Carta, and one day surely housed in the British Museum.

Showing our first serious contender for a name, FAMILIAR, and our proposed journal, MOTHRA (Monstrous Organization for Theoretical Hermeneutic Research, Annual), and a proposed motto: “We are the edge.”*

The reverse of Kalamazoo, Peninsula MS Napkin 1, showing two proposed sub-committees, WOLVES (Working Organization for Lycanthropic Vestiges in Extant Sources) and WONDERS (Working Organization Narrowly Devoted to the East as a Research Subject). Also showing proposed MEARCSTAPA, but without successful acronymage.

Kalamazoo, Peninsula MS Receipt 1, showing successful acronymage of MEARCSTAPA.

*A note on the scribal hand: These documents are clearly to product of an amateur scribe, perhaps of a provincial scriptorium. Palaeography proves difficult, with several abbreviations, but no abbreviation marks found in Capelli’s match to aid in deciphering.

Research Group Co-Sponsorship?

Hi all,

Mildred Budny (whom many of you know from the sessions at this year’s KZoo), Director of the Research Group on Manuscript Evidence, has suggested that the RGME Co-Sponsor one of our session for next year, thereby increasing the chance that they take all three. Phillip (our session organizer, bibliographer, kilt-wearer, and, apparently, nerf herder) and I agree this would be a great move. The proposals are due tomorrow, so any comments are welcome QUICKLY.