3 thoughts on “Send your publications to Phillip!

  1. Incidentally, as I’m doing session organization, and the member bibliography at the moment, can I have a nifty title? Perhaps “Nerf-Herder” or something suitably ridiculous?

  2. Would that be “Scruffy-looking Nerf-Herder”? Sure, you can have a title. I was thinking about that, earlier, but didn’t know what the title should be. Session Organizer? And what is a Nerf, anyway?

  3. I believe the dictionary definition of a “Nerf” involves soft foam squishiness and sports for children…As my role currently involves more than just session organization, that seems a bit limited; likewise, “Bibliographer” also seems somewhat too specific. This is why some sort of “herding” image suggested itself to me, as both of these activities seem to have that sort of feel to them…gathering, organizing, collecting, counting, directing, etc.If people who contribute to either the bibliography or to the sessions don’t mind being called “Nerfs,” then I’ll be happy to be a “Nerf Herder” for the group. However, I’m also certainly open to other suggestions…

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