Logo input from Jeff


I’m keen on all the designs (excellent job, Nick!), but in case we haven’t tallied the votes just yet, here’s my two cents:
#1 (the supine lizard): I like the subtext of our topic “playing dead” but perhaps we should be a bit more optimistic to start.
#2 & #3 (M@): I really like the calligraphic M in the mod-techno @ with a hint of monstrosity. I liked the idea so much, in fact, that I doodled a few similar designs (see attached TIFs). If I had to pick, this is the one I’d get a tattoo of.
#4 (fetal lizard): I like the details here the most (and the “turned on its ear” orientation), but I fear that the Right-to-Lifers will sue us for copyright infringement.
#5 (Nessie): I’m fond of this as well, but since I’m medievally minded, I don’t like the modern sans-serif font. Thus, I’ve doodled a few variations on that theme as well (again, see attached). Again, sorry to join the conversation so late, but I’m terribly pleased that we’ll have a logo to hawk at the Zoo. If Cafe Press is amenable, I also suggest we all get temporary logo tattoos for the weekend.

[Editor’s note: Temporary?]

1 thought on “Logo input from Jeff

  1. Just my two cents: I like the ambiguity of the monster/nessie in the first “redesign” of that logo. Is it nessie; is it a serpent/dragon? I agree with Jeff’s point about the embryonic one. Even if right-to-lifers don’t notice or sue, the embryonic logo brings to mind the right-to-life idea/group, which makes me uncomfortable. Again, just my two cents. Now I’ll go back to lurking. 🙂

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