MAP Sessions Accepted

More good news! Marcus Hensel and I submitted a pair of unofficially Mearcstapa-ish sessions to the Medieval Association of the Pacific, which were both accepted. These should be great sessions, and I hope some of the Western members will be in attendance. MAP puts on a good conference — very friendly and collegial. Information is here. Our sessions are as follows:

Session: Silences and Gaps: The Missing Monsters — Friday Session I

Session Presider: Marcus Hensel (student)

Speaker 1
Laurynn Lowe, Independent Scholar: Re-Membering Monsters: The Nature of Traits in Wolfram’s Parzival

Speaker 2
Asa Simon Mittman, Chico State: Maps without Monsters

Speaker 3
Heather Bamford, University of California, Berkeley: Monster Esthetics, Material Monsters: Representing and Presenting Monsters in the Libro del conosçimiento de todos los reinos,
manuscript Z

Session: Naming, Knowing and Remembering Monsters—Session VIII (Saturday)
Session Presider: Asa Simon Mittman, Chico State

Speaker 1
Marcus Hensel, University of Oregon: Can the Monster Speak?: Silence and the Grendelkin’s Status as Monsters

Speaker 2
Joyce Lionarons, Ursinus College: Wulfstan’s Werewolf

Speaker 3
John Hill, U.S. Naval Academy: The Monstrous and Modified Heroism in Beowulf

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