KZoo 2011 CFP

The 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies
Kalamazoo, MI (as ever)
May 12-15, 2011

Panel 1:
Outlaws, Outliers, and Outsiders

This panel explores the intersection of myth and reality, of boundaries and borders between this world, other worlds and their inhabitants. From tales of outlaws exiled by law to those who lurk on the boundaries of “civilization,” this panel welcomes papers on all manner of outsiders in any genre.

Panel 2:
Prehuman, Nonhuman, Posthuman: Monsters in the Middle Ages

This panel explores the concept of monstrosity in the Middle Ages, as well as connections between understandings of the monstrous in the medieval and all subsequent periods. Submissions are welcome on all aspects of the monstrous in all fields of study from the medieval to modern medievalism.

Send abstracts via email to:

Renee Ward


Leeds Business Meeting

To the folks going to Leeds: MEARCSTAPA (link below for the uninitiated) will host its annual “business” meeting at the Stables Pub on Monday evening, following our pair of sessions:

Exploring the Monstrous, I: Constructions of Identity:
Monday 12 July 2010: 14.15-15.45
Exploring the Monstrous, II: Geographies of the
Monday 12 July 2010: 16.30-18.00

Looking forward to seeing you all there!