Loss of language programs

Hello all,
I am posting this at the request of MEARCSTAPA boardmember Kat Tracy. As a New Yorker (pay not attention to my current address), I am particularly saddened to see this national trend appearing in the SUNY system. I post this here in the interest of disseminating this information as widely as possible, so please pass the URL on to colleagues.
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Today the seven members of the French faculty at SUNY–Albany (all tenured) were informed that by presidential decision, ostensibly for budgetary reasons, the French program has been “deactivated” at all levels (BA, MA, PhD), as have BA programs in Russian and Italian. The only foreign language program unaffected is Spanish. The primary criterion used in making the decision was undergrad majors-to-faculty ratio. We were told that tenured faculty in French, Russian, and Italian will be kept on long enough for our students to finish their degrees–meaning three years at the outside. Senoir faculty are being encouraged to take early retirement. The rest of us are being urged to “pursue our careers elsewhere,” as our Provost put it.
Needless to say, the decision is personally devastating to those of us affected, but it is also symptomatic of the ongoing devaluation of foreign-language and other humanities program in universities across the United States. I’m writing to ask for your help in spreading the word
about this decision as widely as possible and in generating as much negative media publicity as possible against SUNY–Albany and the SUNY system in its entirety.
There is much background to add about how this decision was reached and implemented, too much for me to explain fully here. Suffice it to say that the disappearance of French, Italian, and Russian has resulted from an almost complete lack of leadership at the Albany campus and in the SUNY system. Our president, a former state pension fund manager, holds an MBA as his highest degree, has never held a college or university teaching position, and has never engaged in any kind of scholarship.
More disturbing still, due process was not followed in the decision-making process. The affected programs were not consulted or given the opportunity to propose money-saving reforms. Our Dean and Provost simply hand-selected an advisory committee to rubber stamp the president’s decision. The legalities of the situation remain to be discussed with our union, UUP, but in the meantime I welcome any advice you may have.
Brett Bowles
Associate Professor of French Studies

1 thought on “Loss of language programs

  1. Saddening news! Over on the west coast it's not any better I must say – just last year administration tried to cut the only Latin program in the bay area without even putting out so much as a memo. Thankfully we were able to keep it through lots of student fund-raising and sponsorships, but I can't stand that humanities programs get hit so hard in budget cuts!

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