Call for Papers
Medieval Association of the Pacific Conference
University of San Diego, California
March 21-23, 2013
Sponsored by MEARCSTAPA

Session Title: Heroes and Monsters

What is the relationship between the hero and the monster? How is the hero transformed by his/her encounter with the monstrous? What is the hero without the monster (and vice versa)? In an attempt to understand this association, our session invites papers on the relationship(s) between heroes and the monsters they defeat (or by whom they are defeated). We welcome papers addressing heroes and monsters in all of their various formats (heroes can include knights, saints, or those “just plain clever”; while monsters can be dragons, demons, giants, etc), and which choose to play figuratively upon the concept of defeat (e.g. the giant Galehaut’s “defeat” and death via lovesickness at the “hands” of Lancelot). Of particular interest will be those papers that focus upon the way in which the hero and/or monster is physically/mentally/spiritually changed through this encounter, or those works in which the hero is or becomes a monster (e.g. early versions of St. Christopher’s Life which feature him as a cynocephalus; the eponymous hero from Marie de France’s Bisclavret).

Please send a title, an abstract (approx. 350 words), and your complete contact information (Name, e-mail, telephone, affiliation, status, title) to Michael Heyes <> or Asa Simon Mittman <> by September 28. Please note that all abstract submissions will be posted on our blog:

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